The Art of Adrian Browne

Acrylic on glass to express movement

I take my inspiration from movement, both aggressive and subtle, bold and understated. I interpret my feelings through the application of paint on glass and as such my pictures are unique to what I feel inside. 

I maybe a little unconventional in how I apply paint, but then who said that being unconventional was a bad thing!...!


Clouds really do have silver linings

I sincerely hope you like what you see...

One weekend, back in 2007, about six months after a severe back injury that I thought would put an end to my passion for rowing and cycling I came across an art gallery selling work produced on canvas using oil paints. Reminiscent of Australian aboriginal art I was not only captivated by their strong design and bold colours but also by how striking they were against their black backgrounds. This inspired me to create my own paintings, but using different mediums.

My pictures are painted using high quality acrylic paint, applied straight onto glass . All my pictures are unique and are born from having a vivid imagination.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look....

Commissions are always welcome...


About Adrian Browne

Taking inspiration from movement...

I'm attracted to movement and strong colour. My paintings come straight from my imagination as I seem to spend a good part of my thinking time in just that environment. An artist interprets what they see or hear and will create accordingly. With me imagination is the prime mover, as quite often I have no clear picture in my mind when I initially start out, but as my painting develops I begin to see where it's taking me. Finally when I've finished I turn it over and put it in it's frame. Therefore I'm always painting in reverse and never see the finished product until the very end.

The imagination is a wonderful thing, without it I wouldn't be here!


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I sincerely hope you like what you see...



If you like what you see, or have your own ideas then do drop me a line...


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